Impala Glass Industries has now revolutionised to digital printing in glass.Capable of producing full-colour photography,vector graphics and even textures.Ceramic inks are used in printing which enable lights transmission and extreme weather changes.

This process is entirely a digital workflow allowing full manipulation of layers and thicknesses and dot placement. Single or multicolor printing is possible.

Printing Process allows for direct application of the ceramic ink on the glass surface,this means NO INTERLAYERS REQUIRED reducing production time. Once Printed the glass is toughened in a furnace,this causes the ceramic ink to fuse permanently on the glass surface.

This opens up creative options for artists,designers,architects for  commercial/residential projects with external and internal requirements.


UV, water, chemical and scratch resistant

Customized from translucent to opaques variations.


Maximum Glass Size 3M⨯2M

Glass thickness from 5mm -12mm





digital printed glass partitions

Church Art Work

glass window church



Kitchen Backsplash/Counter Tops

Kitchen Backsplash

Shower Cubicles/Bathroom Splashbacks

Shower Cubicles

Framless Doors

Frameless Doors

Glass Table Tops

Table Tops

Wall Cladding

Wall Cladding