Impala Glass processes a comprehensive range of toughened glass products under the industry recognised IMPALA TUFF banner to cover a multitude of end uses from Architectural, through to retail and domestic to a maximum size of 3000mm wide x 2000mm long from 5mm Up to 15mm thick in its monolithic form.

Impala Toughened glass is five times stronger than the same thickness of annealed glass which when fractured breaks. The balanced internal stresses created during this heating process causes the glass to shatter into small, granular chunks instead of the more dangerous jagged pieces of non toughened glass.

Frameless Shower Cubicles/Shower Screens

With a guarantee safety and strength of 8mm-12mm Toughened Thick Glass paired with the right accessories Impala Glass Industries offers a solution to your bathroom space.

Shower cubicles/Shower Screens come in different sizes customised to fit your lifestyle.

  • Clear
  • Sand Blasted (Full,Half,Strips,Customised Design).
  • Digitally Printed.

Frameless Glass Partitions

An all glass partition is the perfect application for an office or home.Partitions are constructed using patch fittings which offer minimal distractions to the frameless appearance. Glass thickness for safety should be 8mm-12mm Thick Toughned Glasses.

You can have your partitions in

  • Clear
  • Sand Blasted (Full,Half,Strips,Customised Design).
  • Digitally Printed (Custom Design).

Frameless Glass doors

Frameless Glass Doors create a strong secure way and safe way of closing your entrance while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your living space. The frameless doors have an outer framework and you have a choice of pivot or hinge doors. The frameless doors can also be decorated with any design to achieve a preffered look.

Sliding Doors

Impala Glass in collaboration with Hawa AG can jointly erect HAWA Sliding walls which allows each glass element to wind its way gently around all bends to its destination.

Swing Doors

Impala swing doors provide an optimum solution to framed partitions that require an entry and exit point. With specially designed hinges, it enables a simplistic way of opening and closing the door.

Integra Sliding Doors

The integra sliding door system offers a solution for light and middle weight applications upto 100kg as interior office doors and smaller glass partitions.

Tele-slide Sliding Doors Systems

These are high quality telescopic sliding gear for glass doors. In closed position the width of the rail does not exceed the width of the door. The system also creates possibilities for sliding doors at the end of a wall or close to a corner.

Flexy Stacking Systems

The panels can be stored in such a way that they are out of sight or even stored in a separate location, without obstructing the entrance.

Sliding Doors
Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic door opens when the door controller receives an activation signal by the sensor and activate the gear motor to drive the belt and pulley. When no one is detected inside the activation area, the door starts closing after a designated period of time.

Manual Sliding Doors

Saving up to 10% of floor space compared to pivot doors, Impala Glass sliding glass door systems create efficient and elegant transparent openings for office fronts and small conference rooms. The hidden rollers operate on a compact track that can be mounted on a wall or ceiling.

Flexi Stack Systems

These systems provide the open shopfront look. The panels are hinged together and are hung from a top track on rollers. The doors fold back against each other when opened and stack against the walls at either end of the opening.

Frameless Glass Balustrades

At Impala Glass Industries we have an extensive range of glass balustrade styles that can be customized as a glass barrier for functionality.Glass balustrade barriers are used in buildings for a number of purposes and allow the maximum flow of light and view for both inside and outside the structure. The four main areas that glass is used are:

  • Balconies and terraces either inside or out.
  • Around stairs and lifts.
  • Guiding walkways to control the direction of pedestrian traffic.

Paired up with the right accessories that have to be the absolute best quality to ensure proper and life long grip which include Balustrade Clamps,Studs


Toughened glass can also be employed on facades paired up with a variety of accessories to give a much more refined look.

Based on your specific requirements of your project,technical specification will be provided on a project basis. Innovative designs are ever growing.

  • Pulpit
  • Tv trolleys
  • Magazine racks
  • Coffee tables
  • Standard showcase
  • Fish tanks
  • Filling cabinets
  • Flower stand
  • Corner stands
  • Stools
  • Cake stands
  • Office tables
  • Book stands
  • Table Tops

Heat Strengthened Glass

Heat-strengthened glass is a semi-tempered glass which retains the normal properties of ordinary float glass. It is similar to tempered glass except that the cooling is done slower than toughened glass but faster than annealed glass. Heat-strengthened glass is about twice as strong as annealed glass. Impala Glass can now Strenghen Glass of 5mm/6mm Thick.

Benefits of Heat Strengthened Glass
  • Heat-strengthened glass differs from tempered glass in surface compression; its mechanical strength is about 2 times that of annealed glass.
  • Compared to annealed glass, Heat-strengthened glass has higher thermal stability.
  • Heat-strengthened glass is 3 times more resistant to thermal stress in comparison to normal annealed glass.
  • When producing Heat-strengthened laminated glass in comparison with Tempered Laminated glass, Heat-strengthened glass allows the interlayer to laminated glass to adhere more evenly because of a flatter finish surface.
  • As against toughened glass, Heat-strengthened glass – with its flatter surface – also results in the facade having less optical distortions.
  • This glass is difficult to break compared to ordinary annealed glass, but unlike toughened safety glass, breaks typically edge to edge and in fragments.
  • Heat-strengthened glass is popular among design professionals for vertical vision spandrel areas and for laminated sloped glazing. It is valued for its mechanical strength, which is twice of normal annealed glass, though half of fully tempered glass.
  • Heat strengthened glass has a comparatively flatter finish than fully tempered glass. Therefore, it has lesser optical distortions and can be used in places where high optical quality is required.
  • It can be used for general glazing where additional strength or resistance is required for mechanical/thermal loads caused by certain tinted or coated glass. The glass can also be used in high wind load areas, but cannot be used in any safety glazing applications, due to its breakage pattern similar to annealed glass.
  • Heat-strengthened glass is widely used in laminated glass for additional strength, such as in overhead and sloped glazing.