Laminated Glass simply means having two or more leads joined together with PVB Interlayer. Thickness vary by combining different glasses from 6.38mm (3mm+0.38PVB Interlayer+3mm) to 70mm. Safety and security is a result of laminating glass and perfomances will vary depending on constructions in Clear, Vanceva Colored,Tinted, Solar Control and Low E Combinations. Glass Edge Finish CNC profiling,grinded edges and polished edges.

Laminated Glass can be processed in annealed or tempered glass.


Laminated Glass withstands penetration by impact, even if the glass cracks, splinters will stick to the interlayer and not scatter. It also helps prevent injuries from falling glass.


With an acoustice interlayer performance provides a superior acoustic insulation performance which makes it ideal for airports, hotels, hospitals data processing centers or recording studios etc.

High Security

With several glasses joined together ie from 26mm-70mm a Bullet Resistant glass


Construction Glass providers have moved forward to safer building solutions, such as using lamination, which is known for its outstanding durability. That’s why the amount of lamination used today is growing rapidly.The most common structural glass applications are supporting floors and roofs, glass frames and fins for glazed facades/Curtain Walling.


For Partitioning/Shop Fronts under frames in Malls,Offices and at home.

Bullet Resistant Glasses

Best used for Banks/Embassies and High Security Offices.


Colored laminated glass is the only glass that has durability,high performance and multi-functional benefits while the aesthetic appearance of the glass stays intact. The color layer system Vanceva can create a wide variety of colors and moods. Vanceva glass is particularly suitable for use in windows, atriums, skylights, partitions and conference rooms. The designs are beautiful and expressive, with distinctive hues that vary from subtle to extreme. The colored film layers of Vanceva are based on red, yellow, blue, black and white and can be combined up to four layers.

Skylights for Atriums/Canopies

Add a touch of digital printed design for a unique aesthetic design.

Staircases and Balustrades

Will be updated soon.

Glass Flooring

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Sliding Doors


Maximum Sheet Size

Thickness from