Life at Impala

Life at Impala

Impala Glass Industries Ltd provide Health, Safety, Eco-friendly Environment and Welfare Services to their employees. We believe that safe and healthy work environment is a fundamental right for each and every employee of Impala.


We have routine medical checkup programs from general health to eye-checkups and advice all employees on how to avoid injuries and ill health while at work. We believe that healthy workforce is one of the pillars of a successful company.

Blood Test

Eye Test

Regular Health Checkup


We ensure that Impala workforce is safe and protected by ensuring that all necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided, used, and maintained in reliable condition and is in line with the hazards from glass handling and processing functions. We also continually ensure that wherever possible and feasible, Impala will remove or eliminate hazards or exposures through engineering means and enhanced workflow systems to ensure high level of safety.


We have created a wellness culture in Impala through series of activities from healthy breakfast provision to regular fitness exercises. It is led by the senior management who are equal participants in all the activities and ensures total support and commitment. We have ensured to make the workplace healthy by making it a total nonsmoking area and ensuring availability in abundance of drinking water and fruit vendors during lunch break.


We provide an eco-friendly environment for our employees and workers. We prevent harm occurring in the environment and our work place has ample of fresh air and our indoor temperatures provide physical ease to our employees. We maintain good standards of cleanliness and hygiene in our workplace.


Our goal is to create an environment where our employees choose to live a healthier life. We conduct sport programs like football, basketball to cherish the minds of our employees.