Company Overview

I thank you on behalf of the Impala Glass Industries team and myself for viewing our website. As you will see from the website, we as Impala Glass Industries take lot of pride in ascertaining our market position of being the leaders, meeting the needs of the entire spectrum of the automotive and architectural glass value chains not only in Kenya but also in the region of East and Central Africa and moving into Comesa.

In line with its status as the largest glass processor, the Impala brand today is synonymous with the best in class, quality and service in the glass processing industry due to its people, technology, engineering capabilities, production capacity and excellence. Impala brand means transparency, integrity and most importantly, trust – amongst its dealer network, fabricators, contractors, local and export customers for whom Impala is a trusted business partner.

Today, more than ever, Impala Glass Industries is driven to market-leading innovations providing more new products and solutions and at the same time ensuring quality and ‘as specification’ for the current products……..a combination of successful presence and a truly sustainable bright future.

Shk. Saifuddin Hebatullah